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Ender IO by crazypants

Compact conduits, painted things and access to your stuff through an eye of ender.

tech storage

Ender IO Addons by HenryLoenwind

Additional machines for Ender IO.

Ender IO Base by CrazyPants, tterrag, HenryLoenwind, MatthiasM, CyanideX

Compact conduits, painted things and all sorts of stuff and bling.

Ender Mod by CJ Burkey

Implements some ender stuff

Ender Mystic by Korti

A mod about Ender Mans and her mystics.

Ender Ore by Shukaro

Adds mineable ender pearls

Ender Pearl Ore by KakesRevenge

This mod adds ender pearl ore.

Ender Portal Decoration by Thiakil

A simple mod that adds some decoration blocks that look like ender portals/gateways.

Ender Projectiles by Lothrazar


Ender Prospecting by Blir, Talkarcabbage

Craft Eyes of Prospecting and use them to track ores!


Ender Rod by koro

Ender Rod!!

Ender Shard by TheFreakGamingTV

Adds a way to craft Ender Pearls and the Ender Spawn Egg

Ender Spawn by ShadCanard

Unleash the power of the dragon again... and again, and again !

Ender Structures

Structre Generation

Ender Sword by kousuke, MCreator

Enter short description here

Ender Tanks by ShetiPhian

EnderTanks will share storage with all other EnderTanks on the same network with the same color code.