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EverRain by MyasisDragon

EverRain causes minecraft to perpetually rain. Forever. All of the time. No end in sight. Bring a poncho.

Evercraft by NEMESIS13cz

Everlasting Tools

Makes it possible to have tools that never break.

EverlastingAbilities by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Discover, share and conquer abilities that stick.

EverlastingAbilities-PotionCore by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Potion Core addon for Everlasting Abilities

Every Dimension Mod by Splitzle

Adds a bunch of dimensions to the game and blocks to go along with them. It's the best mod you've ever installed.


This is an example mod


Every Idea In Random Mod


Every Skyblock player needs

Everyday Commands by ZigTheHedge

A bunch of server-only commands and tweaks

Everyone Poops by Clownvin

A small mod that makes animals poop every now and then, which can then be used as fertilizer.

Everything Blocks by sblectric

Make blocks out of any item for dense storage and decoration!

Everything Explodes by ChaosTheDude

Makes shit blow up.

Everything Glows by ThatGamerBlue

Everything is glowing!

Everything Mod by LavaSnakeGaming (Creator), HarryTechReviews (YT Tutorials)

A mod with one goal, to add as much as possible