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Ex Omnia by squ1b3r

Additional compatibility for Ex Nihilo and other mods.

Ex Parvis by VpzomTrrfrt

Useful things for a skyblock world.


An mod for SkyAcademy


Adds more buckets to the game

ExFoods by Andante

Adds more foods to the game

food potion

ExGregilo by Quantum64

GregTech addon for Ex Nihlo

ExNihilo (for 1.7.2) by Erasmus_Crowley

A mod designed specifically for skyblock maps

survival skyblock

ExPContainerMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 経験値を保管するブロックを追加するMOD

ExPConverterMod by clocka

[1.6.4] 不要なブロックやアイテムを経験値に変換するMOD

ExTools by Andante

Various tools and armors

tools util

ExU2 - CER by LethalRes

Adds cursed earth ritual

ExVanilla by SlimeNamedJerry (SNJ)

Heres Some Extra Tools And Handy Gadgets To Make This Already Cool Game Interesting! If Your Reading This You Probably Have Downloaded The Mod, I Hope You Like It, And Thanks For The Support. Leave A Comment On The Forums!