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Empty Hand

Free up your hands with the press of a key!

EnFusion by Shadowfacts

EnFusion (ENergetic InFUSION) is a standalone mod (using the RF enery system) primaryily about the technological expansion of Minecraft, with a couple other things.

Enable Cheats by modmuss50



Enchaintment by shirtandtieler

Adds a block-chaining enchantment!

Enchant Icons

Custom renderer for enchanted book items.


New Enchantment System like the Materia System in FinalFantasy 7

EnchantView by Thebombzen

This mod allows you to see the enchantments you'll receive from the enchantment table before you enchant your item. Note that the server needs the mod for you to see the enchantments in multiplayer.

enchanting util

Enchantability by

Enchant yourself.

Enchanted Apples by Ghost

Adds Enchanted Apples.

Enchanted Food Mod by tucsok007

This mod gives you a chance to get enchanted food the same way as you get the original one.

Enchanted Golden Apple Crafting by BetaThunder

Craft the Enchanted Golden Apple.

EnchantedBooksCombiner by MrIngelborn

It's a small mod that allows 2 enchanted books with the same and one and only one enchantment to be combined in a crafting table to create a enchanted book with the same type of enchantment but one level higher.


Enchanting Bottles by BluerTheStone

Allows Bottle 'o Enchanting to be obtained by enchanting glass bottles in an anvil.

Enchanting Plus by xkyouchoux, odininon, GnR Slash

Replaces the enchanting system with an optional custom one!


Enchanting Tweaks by Block Vader

Minecraft mod, which improves vanilla enchanting mechanic