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Enrich your game


Enriched Obsidian Mod by Cameron Low

This mod adds a new ore: enriched obsidian. It also add new tools and armour that can be crafted using this new ore.

Ensoulomancy by zeropoints, chickenmobile

Necromancy and Possession Mod.

Entangled by SuperMartijn642

Entangled allows you to 'entangle' two blocks!


This is an example mod


OverWatch Inspired stuff, biomes, new ore

Entity Disguise

Disguise in to any mob

Entity Hoppers by Wyn Price

Adds a type of hopper that takes items from entities

Entity Id Checker by Nforce Unil Makto

Asigne to Void entity , id who crash the game

Entity Spring by jglrxavpok

Link entities together with springs!

EntityBlocker by dohyun22

This mod will block entity from spawning

EntityCount by Mirrgie Riana

Count the entities around the player.