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Energy Arsenal by knoxhack

Tesla Arsenal adds tools and weapons that use the energy of Tesla, the energy system added by the Tesla API.

Energy Converters by xalcon

A mod to freely convert between IC2 EU and RF power

Energy Drinks Mod by KeeperofMee

Simply a mod that adds energy drinks!

Energy From Matter by RedmenNL

Use EMC for other things than transmutation!

Energy Manipulator by Graknol

Turn matter into other kinds of matter!


Energy Matter(s) by shadow578

Energy Meter by orblazer

Socket IO and other CC peripherals

Energy Shields by leety4

A mod that adds energy shielding to minecraft.

Energy Sphere

Adds an item that can be used to store and retrieve experience levels.

Energy To Food by TheUnderTaker11

Adds a ring to turn RF into food.

EnergyAdditions by Thunderbird(Thunder), SylCode

Energy shields, sabers, updaters and more


This is power


This is the energy swords mod (WIP)

EnergySynergy by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Transparent conversion of energy

EnetBridge by Player

IC2-x Energy Net Bridge.

Engination by Falkreon

FANCY creative blocks for the Discerning Lazor Enthusiast

Engineer's Doors by Nihiltres

Adds doors and trapdoors made from treated wood and steel.