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EZGapples by IWillRekU3206

EZer Gapples

EZHud by KodingKing1

A mod that will let you render custom text to the screen!


EZTools adds tools to minecraft!


Adds tool to Minecraft!


This mod adds cool things to your game

Eagle Factions by Aquerr

A factions plugin that will make managing your battle-server easier. :)


This mod adds armor you can get in early game.

Earth Life by Betkekk

This mod adds new animals to the game


A mod to celebrate earth day


This is an example mod

Earthcomputer's Client Command Mod by Earthcomputer

Commands for the client

Earthworks by Alsender

Adds a small variety of earthen based building blocks.

Easier Villager Trading by Giselbaer

Less clicks to trade with villagers

EasierChests by Giselbaer

Some Mod

EasierCrafting by Giselbaer

Show possible recipes and make crafting easier


Find blaze and diamonds easier!