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Extra Items by tntmanosMC

This mod currently adds rings with potion effects, armor and tools.

Extra Minecraft Stuff by Relms12345

Adds Extra Minecraft Items For Better Gameplay

Extra Moas by KingPhygieBoo

This mod is a parody on the Modding Leg-XD April fools joke, where a Moa Skin DLC was joked about.

Extra Mods++ by rubenbackx

Adds in a lot of stuff, o-o-

Extra Music Discs by Rongmario

Adds more music discs and other related items to the game

Extra Objects by mito

Add extra objects for Minecraft.

Extra Open Peripherals by Neil Greatorex

Converts some more blocks into ComputerCraft peripherals!

Extra Ores Mod by MrDerpCreates, MCreator

Enter short description here

Extra Peripherals by Pzyber

ComputerCraft Peripherals Mod.

Extra Pokeball by StZun, MCreator

Enter short description here

Extra Quartz

Are you sick of having to venture to the Nether to get quartz? Well now the Nether has come to you!.

Extra Rails by Shadowfacts

Additional Minecart rails.

Extra Recipes by J3FF97

Adding the missing recipes to vanilla!