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EmberRoot Zoo by Lothrazar, Elucent

Golems, Fairies, Sprouts, Deer, Slimes, and Fallen Hero.

Embers by Elucent, AlexisMachina, ShadowGamerXY, werty1124

Dwarven-style Magitech Mod

Embersified by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Allows FE capable tileentities and items to also support Embers (the power system)


Here comming Emctie!!

Emerald Armor Mod by ModdersAndCreators, MCreator

Adds Emerald Armor To Your Game

Emerald Experience Mod by Lucidas

Turn Emeralds to Experience in a balanced and bamboozle-free way.

Emerald Items by Enderite1089, MCreator

A mod that makes emeralds able to be crafted into tools!

Emerald Mod RELEASE by Mr_SinaYT, MCreator

Emerald Mod adds ALOT of Uses to emerald

Emerald N Quartz

Adds emerald and quartz tools and armor. It may be cliche, but I plan to add integration with other mods.

Emerald Nugget by The_Icy_One

Si alimentum ambrosiam amoris est, coquo.

Emerald Pack+ by CJGDesigning

Adds Emerald Armor & Tools

Emerald Plus 1.12.2 by JuGeLsItO_Ty, MCreator

Welcome to the version 1.0.2 of the mod, in this version we have added new things, new blocks, which were not in the previous version, in this version we have added a new dimension, sorry if the texture of the portal lighter is not finished, that and other texture as the texture of the portal are not finished, there are still many things to be implemented in the mod, such as a fluid or water type which will go in the future in the dimension that will be implemented in the final version of the Mod , for now, I hope that the mod is of your liking, and thanks for downloading the mod.

Emerald Tools & Armor by mardiff712

Due to the popularity of quartz tools and armor, I made them for Emerald, too!

Emerald Tools Mod by AmashurPlaysMC (Mine 4 Tech)

Adds Useful Emerald Tools to your Minecraft!.

Emerald Toolset by Jbonnick

Extremely simple mod that adds emerald tools and armour to the game with configurable attributes. Check the forum thread for updates when Minecraft is updated.