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Extra Trainerskins by Ieuan

Adding extra trainer skins to Pixelmon

Extra Trees by Binnie

Extra Trees is a mod that adds many new tree species, as well as new planks, doors, stairs, fences, gates and slabs. It also has the woodworker, where you can combine two planks to form any pattern you would like.

Extra Uses

Lots of new features for Minecraft, from utilities to random stuff!

Extra Utilities by RWTema

Just a bunch of fairly useful things

random tech

Extra Utilities Fixes by quaternary

Fix slimes in superflat worlds with extra utilities

Extra Vanilla by MasterBrine

This Mod increase the possibilities of Minecraft Vanilla.

Extra Vanilla Recipes by Trayaurus

Adding vanilla recipes for those pesky uncraftable items!

Extra potions by hasunwoo

Adds bunch of useful things related to potions.


adds new armors to the game

ExtraBlocks by MegaSniperB

Adds various items and blocks to Minecraft

ExtraBotany by Meteor

An Addon for Botania.


Adds a variety of buttons and switches.

ExtraCells by M3gaFr3ak

A Mod that adds 4 new ME Storage Cells and some other cool stuff to AE.

tech addon storage