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Expansive Colors by KinoFire, MCreator


Expansive Energy by TwitchEbkr

Expand your RF and Storage networks.

Expensive Wands by felixlpge

Expensive Wands, expensive but cool!

Experience Cache by Wazmaster_Jastin

Store your XP in gems!

Experience Ore by MrTrollNugNug

This mod adds an ore that drops a configurable amount of experience!.

Experience Rings by MrComputerGhost

Simple Experience Rings.

Experience Store - Your safe experience bank by Valgard Trontheim (a.k.a Sven Pöche)

These modification adds a new block to save your experience points in the world. The experience points are stored separately for each player.

Experience Tools by Duggles

Things that run on Experience

ExperienceApple by Otamusan

Magic MOD!


This mod changes the experience of minecraft.


Enter short description here

ExplansBoxxyMod by Explanationator, MCreator


Explodables by Fearitude

This mod adds many new Explosives. These are designed to be much safer and much more flexible, allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.


This is an example modgrg

Exploding Chickens

Don't kill a chicken. You have been warned.