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Easycraft_endepearl by Katey, MCreator

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Eat More by medved356,KuchenCrafterLP

A Food Modification for Minecraft.

Eatable Livestock

Adds lampchops(yes I know they should be called muttons but it will feel as if I'm coping off the mutton mod along with the ablity to shift-right click on a livestock like cow, sheep, pig, etc. and eat it.

Eatable Mobs by Xin_shang

This Mod can make you eat a living creature


This is an example mod

Eco Theory

Eco theory mod.

EconomicalMilkTea! by defeatedcrow

Economical life, economical milk tea.

Economy Ore Mod by zixel

Ore for economy.

Economy Plus by Suatae

Coins for your world


An economy plugin for Sponge.