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Easy Crafting by Lepko

Easily craft items that you have the materials for with just a click of a button!

Easy Gunpowder 2 by SomeMaineBrony (MuscleMan1234)

Tired of having to kill creepers to get TNT?

Easy Home by uno

set home or spawn point (SSP/SMP)

Easy Items by Phobophobe

Adds recipes to make some of the rarer mine craft items, slightly easier to obtain.

Easy Mining Mod by thvardhan

A Mod Which Is Still WIP But Have Some Ways To Make Your Mining Life Easier There Are Still Lots Of Things I Have Planned For This Mod.

Easy Multiblock by SeiA

Mod about easy making a multiblock structures.

Easy Nether Stars by CynicalRoses

A simple 1.12 mod that allows Nether Stars to be crafted.

Easy Pickings by The_Icy_One

Returning that which was lost.

Easy Retrogen by cpw, KitsuneAlex

A fork of cpw's simpleretrogen mod.

Easy Scoreboards

A plugin to easily create scoreboards for lobbys


This mod add an easy recipe for crafting Blaze Rod


Smelt wheat into Bread

EasyConfigButton by Shnupbups100

makes the Mod Options button in the pause menu lead to the Mod List GUI.