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Elemental Stones

Easily freeze and smelt materials with elemental stones!

Elemental Witch Mod by HoopAWolf

Elemental Witch Mod, for an adventurous world!


I Dont own neither the deisgn of the gun neither the name copyrights go to Mikhail Kalashnikov


The updated version of Elemental Gems, featuring more stuff to mess around with.


Elemental Slingshots


This is The Second Update of Elemental Staffs V0.1... More info on Mcreator


This is an example mod


This is a mod for those elements!

Elementals by ThisDarkShadow


Enter short description here

Elementaristics by Aelpecyem

A mod about the elemental things

Elements by Zaleos2

Talismans and blocks based on the classical elements.

Elements Block Mod by AstroNoodles

The Elements Block Mod is a unique mod which combines a lucky block mod together with a detailed mod about the elements in Minecraft. The lucky block portion contains the new Elemental Lucky Block along with a lucky sword and several lucky potions. The elemental portion contains recipies for creating awesome blocks and items. How do you find these items? Go hunt down the recipies and play for yourself!!!