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Elementals by ThisDarkShadow


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Elements by Zaleos2

Talismans and blocks based on the classical elements.

Elements Block Mod by AstroNoodles

The Elements Block Mod is a unique mod which combines a lucky block mod together with a detailed mod about the elements in Minecraft. The lucky block portion contains the new Elemental Lucky Block along with a lucky sword and several lucky potions. The elemental portion contains recipies for creating awesome blocks and items. How do you find these items? Go hunt down the recipies and play for yourself!!!

Elements of Alchemy by PsudoSage

Break all the things into elemental essences and rebuild them as something else.

Elements of Power by gigaherz

Magic for Minecraft

Elemite Mod by LatvianModder, ETE

Some more advanced and pretty machines in IC2

Elerion by Lazerian

Mod pour le serveur Elerion.

Elevator Mod by VsnGamer

OpenBlocksĀ“ Elevator Block

Elevator Mod by Papertazer

Elevator in the shapes of tubes to help you do what ever you want.

Elevator Mod by papertazer

This mod adds many blocks to the game made to make your experience better, including elevator building parts.

Elevator mod and more

A mod that adds 6D elevator and more


The best armor you can have! This mod adds armor and weapons made with ancient elven runes. More projets ->

Elite Armageddon by Cephrus

Integrated World Destroyer