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This is an example mod

EnhanceCraft by Pointless/WoofJr, MCreator

This modification will definitely enhance your experience while playing Minecraft by adding food, ores, armor, biomes, tools, weapons, blocks, items and more!

Enhanced Armaments by JanneSoon

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

Enhanced Armanents by JanneSoon

An enhanced, unique leveling system.

Enhanced Armors by _Lorkin_

Adds advanced Armor-Sets to Minecraft.

Enhanced Biomes

Adds nearly 100 new biomes, new stone and wood, and new village options

Enhanced Books by zombiepig333

Books improvement? Yes please!

Enhanced Bow

Adds the Enhanced Bow! Wheeee!

Enhanced Comparator by EphysPotato

Adds comparator compatibility to (almost) everything.

Enhanced Farming by Mrbysco

A rewritten version of the Better Farming mod

Enhanced LootBags by Namikon

LootBags. As they should be

Enhanced Selection Bounding Box by Fuzzybat23

Enhances the selection bounding box drawn around targeted blocks.

Enhanced Server Moderation by Mysticdrew

Create commands and assign them to users.


Improved Minecraft Vanilla Armors

EnhancedChat by CoolSquid