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ExperienceApple by Otamusan

Magic MOD!


This mod changes the experience of minecraft.

ExplansBoxxyMod by Explanationator, MCreator


Explodables by Fearitude

This mod adds many new Explosives. These are designed to be much safer and much more flexible, allowing you to control what is destroyed by the explosion.


This is an example modgrg

Exploding Chickens

Don't kill a chicken. You have been warned.

Exploding Mobs by CodeShaper

A perfect addon for any hack-n-slash map or surivial map, mobs just blow up! BOOM!

ExplorerCraft by Zeno410

ExplorerCraft allows aligning maps for display and copying overlapping sections between maps.

Explosive Deaths Mod by Wiggles


Explosive Items Mod by Sancho_Lp, MCreator

Explosive Items

Explosive Mining by JuiceGrape

A small mod to make blocks more explosive resistant, requested by Aidan2612

Explosives+ Lite by Pheenixm

Explosives+ returns in a condensed format!