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Enhanced Server Moderation by Mysticdrew

Create commands and assign them to users.


Improved Minecraft Vanilla Armors

EnhancedChat by CoolSquid

EnhancedCore by Alz454

A set of essential functions for Alz454's suite of mods.

EnhancedPortals by Alz454

An advanced technological portal teleportation system

EnhancedPortals by Alz454

Enhanced Portals 3 is a mod in which you craft portals that are similar to nether portals, which allow you to link two points of your choice.

EnhancedPortals 2 by Alz454

Create any size and shape portals you want!

EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida


EnhancedShears by NurseAngel, kaida(texture)

EnhancedSnowman by maxanier

Makes snowmen deal a tiny amount of damage

Enhancer by Kazimut

Useful modifiers to make life more interesting

Enigma by McJty



This is an example mod

EnkiTools by LatvianModder, Baphometis