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Extended Items Mod by Greenadine

Extended Items Mod adds many new great items like Emerald Tools, Armour and more!

Extended Metals Mod by Rolik

Extended metals mod adds many new types of metals, tools and much more!.

Extended Potions by lumien

Increases the potion id limit.

Extended Shaders by FirEmerald

Adds extended shader support to minecraft , including multiple post- processing effects and multiple shader effects at once.

Extended Workbench by Naruto1310

Upgrade your workbench, upgrade your life.


Adds navi, 1Up, the companion cube and more to familiars API

ExtendedPASupport for MumbleLink

An addon to the MumbleLink mod (forge version) which injects extended positional audio support (i.e. context and identity) based on vanilla minecraft.


Adds a new world to the game.

Extended_Villages_LotsOMobs_addon by TheLarsinator

Extended Villages addon for LotsOMobs

Extension Fixer by Lunatrius

Renames files with invalid file extensions.

External Tweaker by Bartz24

Application for simple Minetweaker script creation, management, and editing!