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RF Core Mod by ReisfresseDE

This is my Core Mod

RF Expansion by Funwayguy

Redstone Flux based tasks for Better Questing

RF Guns by GemOfEvan (ign: Victor31415)

Adds the RF Gun to the game plus upgrades!

RF Lasers by RaiderofRamen

Adds RF-powered mining lasers.

RF Lux by romelo333, McJty

Lights, lights, and more lights

RF Quarry by RaiderofRamen

A mod that adds rf powered mining lasers.

RF Void

Adds a block that consumes infinite RF.

RF Windmill by Piepenguin

Generate RF from the wind

RFDrills by goldenapple

Adds RF-powered Drills to Minecraft! Compatible with Thermal Expansion and EnderIO.

RFID Lock by StevenSeegal

This mod allows you to open doors with a RFID Card.

RFTools by McJty

RedFlux tools

RFTools Dimensions by McJty

RFTools Dimensions Addon

RFTools Power / OC Integration by BrisingrAerowing

RFTools Power / OC Integration


You can create a variety of items by using the diamond.