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RPGCore by Flenix

Core system for RPG-style mods in Forge.


Adds in items for a RPG map.


Adds in items for a RPG map.

RPGLevel by XVicarious

Adds RPG like levels to Minecraft

RPG_UI by 엠

RPG_UI mod.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


RRM: adds op stuff.

RRTweaker by EmberQuill

Resonant Rise Minetweaker script handler

RRUtility by M3gaFr3ak

Utility mod for the ResonantRise modpack!

RSMC by Ahorner, Guff1118

A work-in-progress mod bringing RuneScape elements to Minecraft, one block at a time.

RSP Extras by REX2201, MCreator

Blast Proof Blocks and a disguisable stone block that works as a door.


RSRares v2 - dahleeen

RTFM by Sangar, Vexatos

A markdown-based manual.


Bete for testing

RTYTweaks by Katrix

Tweaks mod for RTY