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Reach Mod by ExampleDude

Reach mod.

ReachDisplay Mod by Fr3ddy

Shows your reach distance on the hud

ReachDisplayReloadMod by Ayou

Reach Display.

React by pie_flavor

A little game to be played in chat.

Reactor Stuff by EnderiumSmith

An ic2 addon for more nuclear fuels


ReactorCraft is a mod that adds realistic nuclear reactors, both fission and fusion, to Minecraft


This is an example mod

Read The Wiki by traxys

Read that wiki please !

Readable Bookshelf

See the website for detailed information on this mod!

Real Craft Core by Nix13Chanel


Real Filing Cabinet by bafomdad

Filing cabinets! That is all.

Real First Person 2 by rejahtavi, don_bruce

Provides full body rendering in first person view.