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Runic Dust Mod: Default runes and inscriptions pack by billythegoat101

The pack containing all the basic runes and inscriptions in the mod.

Runic Inscription by Melonslise

Adding simple yet feature packed magic to minecraft.


Rustcraft re-creates Rust, by Facepunch, in Minecraft!

Rustic BOP Woods by Wolfie_Waffle

A mod that adds some Biomes O Plenty wood compatability to Rustic.

Rustic Thaumaturgy by Voxel-Friend

A mod that adds some Thaumcraft compatability to Rustic.

RusticamMelius by SionoiS

RusticamMelius is a mod that overhaul animal husdandry

Rustinite by TheSurvivorsYT

This mod adds in various items and blocks

RyCraft by rolandoislas

An implementation of XyCraft for newer versions of Minecraft


This is an test mod

Ryan Face Mod by Sylent :^)



This is an example mod

r2s_Radio by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Radio Mod this is a mod witch is all about music, Be patient its in dev. phase go and spread the words the r2s_team