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Rainbow Mod by LabRat54

This mod adds many things about rainbows

Rainbow Oak Trees by csb987

A standalone implementation of the Twilight Forest Rainbow Oak Tree

Rainbow Trees by SlothyGaming

Scrapped from a mod I was making.

Rainbow Unicorn Mod

Made by Disave on PMC


Rainbow Apples


Adds a block which changes color when mined

RainbowCraft by Cricket

This mods adds rainbows to worldgen.


This is a happy Mod


This is the most OP pickaxe in the world! PS. You should enchant it :D


Rainbow Stuff! A mod with increasing modules and lots of (no) potential. You can go to the Rainbow Dimension, you can make Rainbow Armour, make a house out of Rainbow Blocks.


Rainbow Sword!!!


This adds all sorts of rainbow-related stuff to your game!

Raining Cats and Dogs by The_Fireplace

Makes it rain cats and dogs during a thunderstorm.

Rainmaker by EwyBoy

Makes it rain

Rainy Savannas

Makes savannas rain!

RaitisModCore by Raiti

This Mod is the core Mod of lychee Mod