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RedIO by Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

RedIO adds a single block that can read and output a redstone signal by communicating with a computercraft computer over a wired network. Exposes the functions: set(int), set(boolean), get(), analogGet()


Add a new leather

RedLogic by immibis

Replacement for RP2 Wiring, Logic and Control

RedMagick 3 by Matthew

Rewrite RM2! Why? Don't know.

RedPlusPlus by IceMetalPunk

An update to Red+; also, an update to redstone.

RedPower by Eloraam

Power your world, comrade!

RedProtect by FabioZumbi12

Complete antigrief plugin

RedServer Mod by Andrey

Новые блоки и предметы.


This is an example mod

Redd Core by ReddehWow

A util for all of my mods, adding some features that I wish for all of them to share.


This is an example mod