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Regressments by Jaredlll08

Disabled Advancements.

Regrowable Leaves by LiLRichy

Leaves slowly regrow when broken by a player.

ReiMinimap - Forge

Forge port for ReiMinimap.

Reign of Beasts by Nameless

A small, at the moment, adventure mode adding structures, creatures, armor, tools and other that can come in handy for survival in a harsh world.

Reincarnation by Ferne

Built against Forge

Reinforced Armor Mod by NikolayNIK, MiracleMishka

Reinforced Doors Mod by Crazy

Reinforced Doors, Iron Doors and Trap Doors! Idea: Crazy - Programmer: MCE626

Reinforced Iron Mod by MrPlank

A awesome mod that makes iron much much more useful than ever!

Reinforced Tools Mod by Orcinuss

Adds tool variations with a technical approach.


This Mod is for Minecraft 1.7.10 and was made in mcreator. This is my first published mod. The Reinforced Gold Mod is just an add on to gold like new armor and tools. My youtube is The_Squid_35


This is to replace the old weak golden tools with more sturdy golden ones.


This mod add block


This mod reinforg gold

ReisMinimap Original by ReiFNSK, AoifeShadows

A Minimap mod.


Adds a tool which converts cracked earth into dirt.