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RedstoneLampsPlus by DemoXin

3 New Modes of Operation! 16 Colors! Fully Interchangable!

RedstoneMicrocircuits by anti344



Adds some redstone.


adds Redstone armour and tools to the game.

Redstone_Armor mod by MinecraftdeveloperPL, MCreator

mod add new Redstone armor swold pikxe


New Ores, objects and Dimensions.


version: 1.3 for 1.7.10

Refined BioFuel by Blackhole

Addon for Buildcraft that adds recipes to turn other mod's liquids into fuel.

Refined Exchange by Bartz24

Autocraft in Refined Storage using ProjectE EMC!

Refined Relocation by Dynious

Filter, sort and relocate!

Refined Storage by Refined Storage contributors

An elegant solution to your hoarding problem

Refined Storage Addons by Refined Storage Addons contributors

An addon mod for Refined Storage