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r2s_Radio by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Radio Mod this is a mod wich is all about music, Be patient its in dev. phase go and spread the words the r2s_team

r2s_core by **Sir_TiTi**

Run 2 Stay : Core Mod this is a mod is a library for all my mods . It also adds the worldGen (titanium ore), and base items to be used for mods . the r2s_team


This is an example mod


This is an example mod


Adds Some Magical Shit


This is an example mod

rareores by MasterDeity

Rare Ores is a mod that adds 5 new ores, two of which are located in the Nether

real life mod by ┬žaItsAMysterious

This mod makes Minecraft more like the Real Life!It addes tones off new things to minecraft, including temperatur, illness, telephone, tv and much more...