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Right Click Dye by Roxox1

Allows wool, stained glass and carpets to be dyed by right clicking on them with dye

Right Is The Right For Minecraft by JaRy, BanE, Snooker147



Easily place a torch from your inventory

RikMuld's Core

Core functions for mods by RikMuld

Rin's So Many Enchantments by Rin

Adds in 43 New Enchantments (Not anymore worked due to porting it. (BTW its so hard because there are no enchantment mods over there.)

RinaClient by Rin_dayo

Example placeholder mod.

Ringky Dinks by MattDahEpic

Combine a ring and an ability dink and get a ability ring.

Rip Main by Ripbandit

Classes I use in most of my mods.


[Early Alpha] Being worked on

Risky Biome by FireCubex

This mod adds a dangerous biome to your world where you can find a strong element known as Darkium.

Risky Ken's Utilities by RiskyKen

Adds utility blocks and items.

RiteClicker Mod by OCDiary

This mod add the functionality originally introduced by Vazkii in Garden Of Glass, where right clicking dirt or grass will drop stones.

Ritual Enchanting by Watkins577

This mod modifies the functionality of the enchantment table and anvil to be less random, but still provide some challenge


Complete rituals and risk your life to gain special abilities.