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Reveal of Names by Nucleareal

Reveal a Object by Name.

Revenge of the Blocks by DaveTheModder

Angry at being broken and placed by the player, the blocks are getting their revenge...

Reverse A Craft by ShadowStar145

Get your resources back!

Revival Core by Captaindrobat/Psychokiller, Toma, Josia50, Gary/Barritar And TUDNation



It is a revollution of craftings(Mod has create of 1 brazilian = english is bad)

Revolution by Mineforse123

Mod für das Revolution Projekt

Rexalite World by LoreSchaeffer

This is a Rexalite World Mod.


This is an example mod

Rezolve by rezonant, maxillaria

Simplify automation and management of complex modded Minecraft bases

Rhaizzing Core by TonRZN

Main framework for Team Rhaizzing Modding's mods

Rhaizzing Extra by TonRZN

Utilities fot the modern minecrafter

RhyAntiCheatMod by Rhythm_Nz

Rhycraft AntiCheat Mod

Ricardo's Mod by ExampleDude

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