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Refined Tools and Armor by United States of Nope

This mod adds six new tool and armor sets that utilize standard Minecraft resources.

Reforged by Silvercatcher, ThexXTURBOXx

A successor (not port) of Balkon's Weapon Mod, will add primitive, medieval and some gunpowder weapons.

Reforged - Cross & Grave by Silvercatcher

Adds the Holy Cross (Necromancer's Staff is WIP).

Refraction by LordSaad, murapix, theCodeWarrior

A mod about light manipulation

Regain Mod

A mod that adds recipies, money, food, items, blocks, tools, armor, smoke, trees, corruption, crops, beer, block clickers, coffee, more crops, and more recipes to the game.

Regal Mod by Cixal, dwultachill

A mod that adds regal related things.

Regeneration by Grayson

Mod that adds regeneration to Minecraft

Regeneration by Grayson, Sub, HoldYourWaffle

Mod that adds regeneration to Minecraft

Regeneration by Sub, Lucraft, Nictogen, HoldYourWaffle

Mod that brings a Doctor who Regeneration experience to Minecraft!

Regressments by Jaredlll08

Disabled Advancements.

Regrowable Leaves by LiLRichy

Leaves slowly regrow when broken by a player.

ReiMinimap - Forge

Forge port for ReiMinimap.

Reign of Beasts by Nameless

A small, at the moment, adventure mode adding structures, creatures, armor, tools and other that can come in handy for survival in a harsh world.

Reincarnation by Ferne

Built against Forge

Reinforced Armor Mod by NikolayNIK, MiracleMishka