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Resource Pack HUD by phantamanta44

Allows resource pack authors to modify the structure of the in-game HUD.

Resource Pack Organizer by chylex

Enhances the Resource Pack menu by adding folder support for easier pack organization, ability to search packs by name or description, new sorting options, and quick refresh button directly in the GUI. The mod uses a folder icon by FatCow under the CC BY 3.0 US license:

Resource Reloader by LatvianModder, modmuss50

ResourcefulCrops by TehNut

Resource-filled crops.

ResourcefulCrops by TehNut

Simply JSON based resource crops.

Respawn Location Picker by UpcraftLP

choose your respawn point

Rest Secret Settings by Falling_Dutchman

adds an option to reset the secret settings to default when you accidentally clicked it

Restrict Zones by PbJBOSS

Restriction of breaking blocks in certain areas.

RestrictIO by FlatronEZ

Ban item usage ingame on the fly

Restricted Portals by MoreThanHidden

A mod that requires you to craft an item before allowing the player to enter the nether or end, this is to stop people on multiplayer servers bypassing early game.

Restriction by davqvist

Disables right click functionality under configurable circumstances

Restructured by OreCruncher

Modify your world by adding structures

Resynth by Ki11er_wolf

Adds growable resources to Minecraft.