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Repair Times by Nokiyen

RepairTimes enables to check how many times the tool or book has been repaired or enchanted.

RepairBot by SlothyGaming

A bot that repairs tools.


Replace target block to another block

Replay Mod by CrushedPixel, johni0702

A Mod which allows you to record, replay and share your Minecraft experience.

Replay Mod - Restrictions by CrushedPixel, johni0702

Server-side Restrictions Module of the ReplayMod - Restrict what clients can do in replays

ReplayModAddon by Gabber235

Addon for the replay mod

Report Menu by Aycy

Report System by RedEnergy, Firkys

Позволяет отправлять сообщения об ошибках и жалобы на игроков через игру. Связь с разработчиками по скайпу:

Reptile Mod by crackedEgg

Reptile mod adds monitor lizards, turtles, iguanas, chameleons, and crocodiles. Komodo Dragons! Man-eating Crocodiles! And cute little turtles.

Repurpose by WuestMan

This mod provides a number of different ways to enhance the vanilla experience of Minecraft and provide easier or alternative ways to obtaining materials or blocks. This is to allow you to focus on what you really want to do, BUILD!

Reputed by Jared

Allows for tracking of weapon kills.

RequestMOD JP by spuash918

このMODはリクエストがあったほかの公開MODに 追加できないようなものを追加します。 今回のバージョンの変更点: ゲームバランス崩壊してしまうバグ修正。

Rescue by Fokson

One is never really dead until no one remembers them.

ResidentEvELLE by Smacktalks, MCreator