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Red Forge by Tuki, MCreator

Red Gear Core

Red Gear Core is primary a library of classes used by most mods created by Team Red Gear.


Red Shark by Darkhax

Network sniffer for Minecraft.

Red VS Blue by TheMasterGeneral

Adds PVP content.


RedCloud official mod

RedIO by Joseph 'Nuchaz' Sinclair

RedIO adds a single block that can read and output a redstone signal by communicating with a computercraft computer over a wired network. Exposes the functions: set(int), set(boolean), get(), analogGet()


Add a new leather

RedLogic by immibis

Replacement for RP2 Wiring, Logic and Control

RedMagick 3 by Matthew

Rewrite RM2! Why? Don't know.

RedPlusPlus by IceMetalPunk

An update to Red+; also, an update to redstone.

RedPower by Eloraam

Power your world, comrade!