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Rice by KewaiiGamer, TheBritishBrotherhood, vincentmet

A 9x9 crafting table for all your hardcore needs.

Rich Undergrounds by Hayazo, MCreator

Weapons, Armors, Tools. Great Ores. Mineheaven.


Common Diamonds? Hell yea!

Richard's Coffee & Tea Mod by ExampleDude

Adds coffee, tea, cups, a mortar and pestle, and plants.

Rideable Cows by MrIbby

Put on your cowboy helmet and ride some cows!

Rideable Mobs Mod by SuperDude1000

This mod adds in some new mobs that you can ride and play around with in your world!

Rideable SpidersMod by Johanno

Tame your spider and ride it


adds rideable llamas


Tame, saddle up, and ride llamas!


WIP! Shareable to Creepymoto

Ridiculous World by SpitefulFox

A mod to make the Minecraft world a little more ridiculous.


Enter multiple rifts to beat the final boss...

Right Click Dye by Roxox1

Allows wool, stained glass and carpets to be dyed by right clicking on them with dye

Right Is The Right For Minecraft by JaRy, BanE, Snooker147



Easily place a torch from your inventory