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Ranchable Fluid Cows by JDLogic

Enables the MFR rancher to 'Milk' cows from Moo Fluids.

Rancraft Penguins by immediately, randalpik

Adds fifteen species of penguins, plus penguin armor and penguin weapons.



Rando Restockable Crates by Iskall85, Scalda, Jo-Mama75, Winter_Grave

It allows to place special crates in creative that will have random loot that will restock.

RandoShiz by GGCrosby, MCreator

Random stuff for minecraft.

Random Anime by Weissmoon

Random things I want in the game.

Random Block Mod by snubbub

Adds a block that can drop almost everything!

Random Commands by greenphx, MCreator

9 Commands

Random Decorative Things by Mrbysco

Just some random decorative things.

Random Islands by M3rlinTheCoder, Starwolf01, Superfrogman98, thinblueboy

Changes the worldgen to consist of mostly ocean, with some islands that contain specific resources and terrain

Random Item by SwordInTheGround

A mod that adds a random item generator. Perfect for modpacks!

Random Items (configurable) by Fiberone

Configurable random item spawning!

Random Loot Mod by milomaz1

A new way to get loot from enemies and dungeons.

Random Machines by MrHubbard

A mod that adds random machines to the world of minecraft!

Random Magical Stuff by bearbear2k

A mod that adds cool magical items

Random Mob Events by AKTheKnight

Adds configurable "random" events when a player attacks/kills an entity.