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Rail Bridges

Adds a self-supporting rail block to allow for the building of minecart-only bridges

Rail Roads by mallrat208

Ride the Rails. With your feet!

Railcraft by CovertJaguar

Redefine your rails

chunkloading tech

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions by Cream Tea

This mod adds cosmetic additions to the mod Railcraft, by CovertJaguar.

Railcraft Cosmetic Additions by Hanakocz, Kurogari

This mod adds cosmetic additions to the main mod Railcraft, by CovertJaguar.



RailmineMod by Emax



Used for a skyblock companion, when right clicked 'Toggles Downfall'

Rainbeau's Mithwood Forest by Rainbeau Flambe (DBurgdorf)

Adds a new biome, as well as a few mobs and some new armor and tool sets.

Rainbeau's Realistic Survival by Rainbeau Flambe (DBurgdorf)

Changes a few things to make the early survival game a little less unrealistic.