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Realistic World Gen by ted80

Adds a new realistic worldtype


Enter short description here


Enter short description here


adds alternate ways to get vanilla hostile mob drops

Really Disturbing Tank Engines Mod by CHAMCHI

Thomas The Train and his friends. Implements the disturbing side of thomas and his friends.

Realm Of Yendor's Artifacts of the Lost by machinespray

Add's items inspired by NetHack and other various rogulikes, along with a (WIP) deity system.

Realms of Chaos by Eternaldoom (Doomturd), LegoShokwave123

Create New and Original Weapons to Conquer New Worlds, Build Beautiful Castles and Houses, and Explore the Depths. Realms of Chaos is a Mod Like no Other.


Adds new quests after the end

Realtech by __WildWolf_, lawl281

'Realistic' technology, ores, elements and more

Reap Mod by Max Henkel

Rearview by crikents

Minecraft Rearview Mirror.

RebellionMod by Rebellion


Rebind Narrator by quaternary

Rebind the narrator key!

RebornCore by modmuss50, Gigabit101

RebornCore, A core set of classes.

RebornStorage by Gigabit101