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Raxpack Tweak by tomatheb

Mod to allow Cooking for Blockheads' sink fill TAN's canteens.


Shared code from Rays mods.

Raycraft by tommy__123__

RbyChest by Famil, MCreator



This is an example mod

Re-Zombies-V1-Ver-1.12.2 by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod that adds more Zombies to Minecraft

Re-Zombies-V1.5-Ver-1.12.2.jar by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod inspired by Mo-Zombies that sadly hasn't been updated sense 2015.

ReAuth by TechnicianLP

A mod to renew your Session

ReBind by AustereTony

Ability to remap internal controls (Esc, F1, F3, F4).

ReGen CWG by Foghrye4

ReGenerate ores for CubicWorldGen

ReOpenAL by srsCode

�aReOpenAL�r is a client-side mod that adds a means to restart the Minecraft sound system without having to reload all mod resource packs. This is useful if the Minecraft sound system fails to start with OpenAL during startup leaving the game running in 'silent mode'. Simply enter the sound options GUI �3[�6Options�r �b-> �6Music and Sounds�3]�r and ReOpenAL will attempt to restart the sound system with OpenAL. ReOpenAL is compatible with Minecraft versions from �61.9�r to �61.12�r

ReWIRED by mallrat208

Add-on for Cyberware


Version 1.0

Reach Circles Mod by lemon

shows range of other players, may be innacurate because of ping!

Reach Display Mod by dewgs

Displays the distance between your hits, to prove you don't cheat. Dank mod