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Paper Lanterns by Blauflammen

Adds a paper lantern to Minecraft.

Paper Mario by MCGamer20000

Adds everything from the Paper Mario series.



Para's Sword Stat by Parallens

Records and displays extra info about swords.

Parachronology by ZenDarva

Skyblock Resource Mod

Parachute Mod by crackedEgg

Adds a Parachute to the game. Jump off cliffs! Base Jumping!! Soar to new heights!

ParadoxMultiverseMod by TheParaxoid, MCreator

An epic mod by TheParaxoid!

Paraglider by Tictim

Paragonia by The Fabulous Cube

Mod pack designed to supplement Paragonia Texture pack

Paraknight Mod Pack by Paraknight, GotoLink

Parallel by RogueLogic

Parallel is a multi-threading library allowing minecraft run better on newer multicore computers.

Paraphernalia by TheEvilSocks

Random items, blocks, etc. that are needed in the game.

Parasol Mod by yamanta

This mod add a Parasol.

Parkour Mod (Assassin's Creed Style) by Shadow38PL

Mod that aims to add Assassin's Creed like parkour mechanics into Minecraft