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Paintings++ by Subaraki

More Paintings ! Check config file for options

PalaCrack by NeroZbeub

Crack For Paladium.

PalaTrade Mod by Wardenfar

Example placeholder mod.

Pala_mod_tool_2 by AG, MCreator

Enter short description here

Paladium Christmas by goldorak85

Paladium Christmas Mod.

Paladium Gift System by ExampleDude

Example placeholder mod.

Paladium addon by terrainwax


Palaria Mod by Cooglatty

Official Release

Paleocraft by Dan_Wallace, bladeking68, fisherman77

Realistic dinosaurs in Minecraft. Paleocraft adds dinosaurs to Minecraft. Baryonyx, Citipati, and more!

Palettes by SourceCoded

A mod that allows you to make a block with any texture


Erase maps and books for reuse by using redstone dust.


Palm Trees


Adds a new tree to beaches