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PlayPower Core

Core mod for PlayPower team mods.

Player Beacons by Kihira, Nexans20

Tap into the power of the end to enhance yourself

magic opensource

Player Glow by HDR

Allows Players to Glow

Player Interface by SteGr99

This Mod adds a Block from with you can access a player's inventory.

Player Name History Checker by Whodundid

Check a player's previous name history in game!

Player Progression by 115kino

A mod in which tools, weapons and armor are upgradeable.

Player Rugs by Kihira

Player Shops

Allows players to create shops

Player Skin Mobs by GenDeathrow

Adds a mob that has other players skins.

Player Sounds by DoomFruit

Plays sounds from Quake and C&C whenever players jump, take damage or die.

Player Stats by MrDimkas_Studio, xMrVizzy

Player Stats 2 by MrDimkas_Studio

Lets players upgrade themselves using XP