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PSIonic Upgrades by WireSegal

Assorted addons for PSI.

PTMA by maru

I love, you love, Ayataka. PTMA: Popular Tea by Monsters, Ayataka.

PUBGMC by Toma1O6

Official mod for PUBGMC modpack. If you find bug, please report it.

Pack Display Mod by canelex

The days of not knowing what pack a youtuber / streaming are over!

Pack Switcher Mod

Quicker pack switching.

Packed Ice Recipe by NarigudoBR

Recipe for Packed Ice.

PacketHandler by oDD1

Технический мод для обработки данных поступающих клиенту от сервера

Packing Tape by gigaherz

Adds a simple means to carry thigns with you