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This adds a new crafting recipe

Plans API by gottsch

API to enable drafting and building of Plans structures.

PlansPlacer 1.7.2 by gottsch

Plant Drops by JamiesWhiteShirt

Allows control of plant drops by requiring the use of clippers or shears to harvest items from plants.

Plant Growth Accelerator by UntouchedWagons

Accelerates plant growth by sending random ticks upwards.

Plant Mega Pack

Adds over 400 plants to your worlds


For 1.7.10 by ModDevJ ver4

Planter Helper by portablejim

Also known as VeinPlanter. Helps plant crops.

Plants by Shadows_of_Fire

Various plants for various mods

Plants 2 by Shadows_of_Fire

Every plant known to man. Well, almost.

Plants Plus

Plants Plus adds a whole bunch of new plants, fruits, and vegetables to the world!

Planttech by Kaneka

Mixing the best of plants and machines to create a whole new experience


Das ist das originale Plantunium Mod von XxJHKanalxX