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Prospector Mod by MoxieGrrl, Sava

A mod that allows you to find ores.

Prospectors by Lothrazar


Prospects by dizzydizzyd

Immersive prospecting and ore vein discovery

Prospectus by cam72cam

Adds prospecting mechanic to the game

Protect Wall by Trychen

Build a unbreakable wall to protect yourself!


This is an example mod

Proxy by bdew

Proxy's Lib by ProxyNeko

A library mod for my other mods.


This is an example mod

Pseudo' Eraser by ZeAmateis

A simply configurable mod to Hide other player Nickname

Psi by Vazkii

Psionic SpellCasting Instruments

Psi Dot Products by WireSegal

dammit vazkii

Psi: Combat Magic by WedgedWolf

Adds more combat based spells to Psi.


Adds drugs into Minecraft. Psychedelicraft specializes on realism and effects. Shaders are being utilized, so keep that in mind.

Psynaps Psycraft by roflnoob

A Minecraft mod which merges the World of Warcraft and Minecraft.