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PattiSlabs by Sterling Mods

Just a few extra slabs thanks to Jack Pattillo and the Wardens.

Pattys More Stuff by StuffTheChickien

Adds more stuff using vanilla resources.

PattysMoreBlocks by StuffTheChickien

Adds more blocks to minecraft.

Pax Timer by nekosune

Pax Timer Map.

PaxleCraft by andr3wrulz, Konitor

Have paxles. (Paxel = Pick-AX-shovEL). Ore paxles have hoe and shear function. New: Shiny paxles.

Pay2Spawn by Dries007, CCM team

Screw or help your favorite streamer!

PayDayMod by kEERill, news1313


PayRespects by skatem

Type /f to pay respects when a player dies.