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PlayerProfile by Semx11

If you are on Hypixel, Sneak+Right Click on players in lobbies to view their profile!

PlayerSeen by Pixtar

Displays the last time a player was seen.


A region-based player shop plugin.

PlayerTrans by Jannis234

Adds blocks that can teleport players

PlayersDropHeads by Joseph C. Sible

Makes players drop their heads when they die.

Playing Around by

My first mod so it's going to be a bunch of random basic stuff.

Playtime Logger by Tschipp

Keeps track of the time you spent on a world/server


Russian mod by Shurikman

Pleasure Island

Experience Minecraft with new items, people and great pleasure!


Enter short descriwption here

Plena Inanis by Dagarath

Full on Empty

Plethora by SquidDev

Adds gameplay related items to Plethora

Plethora Core by SquidDev

Peripheral provider for ComputerCraft