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Pixel Art by ButterCheetah266

All the colours of the rainbow and more!

Pixel Galaxy by RamiLego4Game

Galacticraft 3 add-on that adds new galaxy (Pixel Galaxy).

Pixel Sauce Mod by Taker, Jonas Reidel

A Mod with Ideas from the Pixel Sauce Server

PixelAutoMessages by FabioZumbi12

A plugin to send automatic and scheduled messages to chat.

PixelCam by CrushedPixel

A cinematic tool to create smooth camera movements along a path.

PixelChecker by MoeBoy76

Nature and Ability checker, just point and command

PixelCraft by JoseluMinecraft

Example placeholder mod.

PixelCraft by PixeelGaming

This mod is just a mod

PixelGenocide by happyzleaf

PixelGenocide cleans all the non-special pixelmon in the server to reduce lag.

PixelPlus by KevyPorter

Enhances the Hypixel player's gameplay.

PixelPowers2 by ShetiPhian

PixelRadar by CallMeTheDr

Detect any pokemon in your area