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Particle Mod by dewgs

Multiples amount of attack particles ingame

Particle Spreader by MrRiegel

Particle Spreader

Particle generator by JoseluGames

Particles, YAY!

Particle in a Box by JT9/Solis_Nova

Small mod that adda particle based decorations.

Particle_Mod by Ayako

Made by Ayako and SpideFrog | Updated by spiderfrog and Ayako (For Kawaiy)


Allows you to change your Particles setting though a button press

Particles of Ores Mod by FoxPlays, MCreator

By means of mod, you from the very beginning of the game will be already developed. You will have an iron pickaxe, a gold sword and a sets of coal!


Dance parrot, dance!

PartyTag by Max Korlaar

Puts tags above your party members' heads. I have not tested for compatibility issues with other mods modifying the tag above one's nametag.

Partymaker Dumper by mrAppleXZ

Dump all the things!