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Plasmatic Space by ItakPC

New awsome technical mod. BUT! In WIP :P


Decorative Halftimber Blocks

PlastiTech by Meelock

PlastiTech is a reimagining of sorts of the old mod Plasticraft.


Adds a mystical plastic


Welcome to the Plastic Dimension Mods! I hope you enjoy it!

PlateableItems Mod by MrTutankhamun

This is a simple mod that adds plates to the game! Yay! And you can place items/blocks/food on them aswell! :D (More stuff will be added in future updates!) Hope you like my mod!

Plates by brudin

brudin is king

Platforms by ShetiPhian


Platinum Mod by EnderStar101

Mod that adds Platinum to Minecraft


A way to get platinum for TinkersConstruct!

Play AutoComplete by Tireless, 2Pi

Makes hypixel play and queue commands easier to use by having auto complete.

PlayBlock by sk89q, Joe12o, yofreke, tonius11

Video player and other display mechanics for Minecraft.


Simple Tools, Simple Items, Adv.Power System.