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Pixelnauts by Reddeh

Mercenaries join the fight, take it star by star!

Pixels by Grodax

Add a currency to your game


Add pixyte in your world !

PizzaCraft by Tiviacz1337

Mod, which adds pizza to your Minecraft!

PizzaMod by xanplayzgamez and MinecraftWero

A mod that adds edible pizza.


This is pizzarulle


This is an example mod

Pl3xRubies by BillyGalbreath

§c§o§lRubies! :O

Placable Milk by SlimeyFellow, MCreator


Placbo by Sk1er

This mod is not a placebo.

Placeable Gunpowder

This small mod lets you place down gunpowder, which you can ignite with flint and steel.


Place your tools in the world!

Placebo by Shadows_of_Fire

1 library boi

PlaceholderAPI by rojo8399, Wundero

An API for all of your placeholders.