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Portal Chests by Mr. llamas, MCreator


Portal Gates 2 by deenkayros

Portal Gates 2 is a via waypoints teleportation mod

Portal Room by PriestTheBeast

Room with portal to places.

Portal World Ailin by Ailin78

Mod creer par Ailin

Portal World Mod by EdgarPi

A mod for Portal Mod server

Portal World RPC Mod by EdgarPi

Use Discord RPC for Portal World

PortalGun by iChun

Add the portal gun and many other portal elements into Minecraft.

PortalGunClassic by iChun

A remake of the first Portal Gun mod released in 2011.

Portal_Mod_ForMap by supercip971, MCreator

It's a mod for the portal map


В этом моде добавлена измерение 145.

Portality by Buuz135

Thinking through portals


This is an example mod