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Pioneer Terrain Survey by TTFTCUTS

Generates biome map previews on command.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Pipes by CrafterKina


Pipsqueak's Halloween 2015 by Pipsqueak737

Happy Halloween from Pipsqueak737! This mod includes stuff like monsters and candy!


Adds cuddly teddy bears.

Pirate Route by GLizxc2



Oot kuin tulva!


LOL, I fully faild...

Piston Expansion by UpcraftLP

extend the push limit of pistons with a game rule!

Piston Unlimited by Let's Dev Together Team

Piston unlimited adds the multipiston block which allows you to move any block with a handy GUI into any direction!

PistonCompression by Joseph C. Sible

Allows pistons to compress blocks into other blocks or items.

Pistronics by Letiu

Adds expandable Pistons to the Game.

Pistronics2 by Letiu

Beta Version, Adds Pistons, Rotators and more.

Pit Events by skyerzz

Shows Pit Events Better.


This mod includes 4 Pit Spikes, Wood Pit Spike, CobbleStone Pit Spike, Iron Pit Spike, Diamond Pit Spike.

PitchFix by SinKillerJ

A fix for resource packs, removes variable pitch from sounds.