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Plex by @PolyEdge

A modpack containing cosmetic enhancements for Mineplex If you have any concerns regarding the mod or want to request a feature, contact me on discord at Dylan#2439


Easy, yet powerful Plot World generation and management.

PluckableChickens by Agadar

This mod makes chickens pluckable, allowing you to farm them for feathers.

Plugin Messages Mod by xIGBClutchIx

Plugin Messages Mod

PluginCrops Debugger by Mirrgie Riana

Debuggers for IC2Crops.

PluginsforForestry by denoflionsx

opensource addon

Plumbob by kjmaster1

Places a plumbob above player heads

Plus Utilities by skyman478, MCreator

More Utilities to your game!

PlusFPS by Estiv

With more, with better.


2 nuove spade per gli staffer

PlusTiC by Landmaster (phuong0429)

Integrate various mods with Tinker's Construct

Plushie Wrapper by RiskyKen

Adds a soft plushie wrapper to Minecraft!