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PigCraft by TheXotix, MCreator

This is a mod with pigs


Pigs, Pigs and more Pigs


You can spawn pig with this tool


Pre Alpha of the official PigjigzMod

Pigless by Bread10

Removes pigs from Minecraft.


become a pikachu

Pillar by Vazkii

A mod that allows for customization of structures in worldgen using 1.10 structure blocks.

Pinecraft by iiAether

Minecraft: Now with pineapples!



Ping Tag by powns

Display a player's ping above their head

Ping! by SatanicSanta

Pinging the player when they are mentioned in chat.

PingDisplay by Fyu

guess what it does

Pingus Mod by killerwaddledee

Pingus is a free lemming’s clone, originally made for Linux. It is a 2-D platformer where you try to get penguins called pingus to an exit. They are not just ordinary penguins, you can give them special abilities like bomber or bridger to get to your goal. This mod adds the pingus and their abilities.

Pink Flamingo

Adds a decorative pink flamingo block.

Pinkium Mod by joonatoona


Pinkly Sheep by The_Wabbit

PINK animals are super special 'cuz this mod says so.